Nutthawut Siridejchai


Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Artist and Designer base in Brooklyn, New York. Specializing in Typewriter art, hand graphic, repeat & placement print. he creates unique with love of art and design.


"Art and design for me is out of the box, alive, relief, lawless, happiness even sadness. Sometime it seam right for wrong reason and sometime it’s wrong but look right for some reason. Technique, working process and idea which most of the time I can’t separate between design and art. As part of artist, I would experiment more about typewriter art, which it is very limit tools but limitless inspiration to work with it."

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USA +1-646-694-2549 | Thailand +66-98-492-6156


Nutthawut Siridejchai

Nutthawut Siridejchai